The Art book of VanLuc

The Art book of VanLuc

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The Art book of VanLuc "Why the cow ?"



-Autor : VanLuc

-Edition : Orep (made in Normandy !)

-Format : 240x310 mm

-square, stuck, sewn back

-Rembordée cover

-Languages : french / english

-Dedicacion : an original creation on p59 !

-Price : 59€

photo_livre_vl     photo_vl_livre_2

Why the Cow ?
The artist VanLuc answers this question in this book of 220 pages.
Since the opening of his gallery in Normandy, from his artistic and communicative performances,
to his latest creations. A working logic that fascinates loyal followers for 15 years !
You will discover the energy and VanLuc talkings through a passionate testimony and unpublished iconography.


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